Knockeen Hills also produces Heather Dry Gin & Irish Poteen, also with G.I. Spirit Status protection from the EU.

Responsible Drinking

Producer's Policy Statement.

Knockeen Hills supports both the Portman Group's code of practice and the Drink Aware policies on alcoholic drinks.

The Producer of Knockeen Hills Elderflower 'London Cut' Dry Gin encourages the consumption of alcohol in moderation. As part of this policy implemented at the commencement of the production of the Knockeen Hills Brand labels in 1996, it has as a producer, always declined to directly advertise its products in the media, or the medium of 'advertorials' or provide free stock and remains committed to these policies.

It will also not supply brands free of charge or at discounted prices as a marketing tool. A further example of the commitment to this policy, is that where the Producer is advised that any outlet dispenses a Knockeen Hills Brand at a discounted price or allows it to be sold as 'shooters', which could encourage excess consumption, then every reasonable effort will be made to cease further supplying that outlet.

Environmental Protection Policy

To preserve the earth's finite resources, no unnecessary packaging is used, such as metal tubes or casings commonly used to make the product more attractive. Also, paper product catalogues which would require regulally updating are not produced.

The heavy duty glass bottle has been selected specifically for its ability to be recycled in the household for containing other liquids, for example olive oil, salad dressing or bath oil, etc. To help extend its use, replacement cork stoppers can be obtained by sending a £1.00 / $1.00 / €1,00 piece together with a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Knockeen Hills Spirits Ltd., Rose Cottage, Templeton, EX16 8BP. This offer will remain valid until 2020.